Chemical Processing

Chemical Processing

There are a wide range of different applications in the chemical processing industries.

Each of these applications must be sealed successfully to ensure meeting emission requirements. Flex-A-Seal provides a range of metallurgies and face combinations to successfully seal some of the most demanding chemical applications.

Industry Challenges

  • Toxic, volatile, or flammable media, corrosive fluids, and abrasive slurries
  • Cryogenic and vacuum applications require specific engineered design solutions
  • System and personnel safety
  • Stringent environmental and emissions regulations
  • High Temperature products including heat transfer fluids

Flex-A-Seal Recommends


  • Two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal (Style 85)
  • Stationary welded metal bellows seal for Cryogenic applications
  • Mechanical seals for mixers, agitators, and centrifuges
  • Various metallurgies, face combinations, and elastomer materials are available for all sealing conditions including caustic, toxic, and flammable applications.