Detect structural and mechanical faults in your pump before they happen

Flexaseal’s Technical Products is now utilizing the latest technology in Vibration Analysis Services: Motion Amplification. Motion Amplification uses a very high-definition video camera to capture the movements of any structural asset that the camera can see. Patented algorithms measure and quantify the motion of the visible surface, turning what was previously undetectable with the human eye into a slow-motion, highly amplified video.

This non-contact, non-destructive measuring tool can then be used to determine structural and mechanical faults such as structural looseness, weld cracks, misalignment, phase analysis, torsional twisting and bending, belt and chain faults, and much more.

What is Motion Application?

Motion Amplification can turn each of the millions of pixels from the camera’s sensor into vibration measuring points, with each pixel capable of a resolution detecting deflections as small as 1/10,000 of an inch. Any location of interest in a picture can be turned into a waveform or spectrum allowing the analyst to quantify and understand the nature of the surface movement. Previously difficult or unattainable through conventional means, this powerful new process can help with determining the root causes of faults which can now be seen and analyzed, and will help lead to more accurate and timely repairs.