Low Cost, Easy to Install, Water Savings


The Flex-A-Flo device is designed to regulate flow and cut back on water consumption in double seal applications. The Flex-A-Flo monitors the temperature of the seal chamber while utilizing a thermally actuated valve that automatically removes hot barrier fluid liquid and keeps the seal running in its optimal environment. By doing this, the Flex-A-Flo maximizes water conservation in double seal applications where water is the barrier fluid and enters between the inboard seal and the outboard seal, and typically discharges to the drain. Water conservation is not only an issue today, but clearly a growing concern for the future. With the cost of water continuing to increase, cutting back on water usage will only become more and more important. Flexaseal is proud to offer a high quality, low cost, and simple solution like the Flex-A-Flo in order to allow our customers to continually keep up with the industry’s technological innovations that save them money and resources now and in the future!



Maximize Water Conservation by Regulating Flow

The Flex-A-Flo’s thermally actuated valve is calibrated to read the temperature of the barrier fluid and only open when the fluid exceeds the preset temperature. If the barrier fluid exceeds the preset temperature, it automatically opens the valve which releases the hot fluid and cools down the seal. The Flex-A-Flo standardizes on a preset temperature of 150 degrees° F, but can be customized for any particular temperature required.

Easy to Install

The Flex-A-Flo is designed to fit all Flexaseal dual mechanical seals and can easily be applied to all competitors’ seals as well. To install, simply connect water supply line to the barrier fluid “in” gland connection and the Flex-A-Flo to the 3/8″ NPT barrier fluid “out” connection.

Zero Maintenance, Works Automatically

The Flex-A-Flo thermally actuated valve automatically releases and reads the temperature of the fluid with no monitoring necessary. No additional maintenance or monitoring is necessary after installation.

Cost Savings Example

The Flex-A-Flo device is built for maximum water conservation.

In a dual seal configuration with –

  • Product at 140 °F
  • 70 °F water as barrier fluid at 1 gallon/min flow
    The Flex-A-Flo device would use only 0.027gpm of barrier fluid.

Using a cost of $811 per 100,000 gallons, the average yearly savings is $4147.00.


  • Maximizes water conservation by regulating flow
  • Simple installation
  • Easily applied to all manufacturers dual mechanical seals / any pump stuffing box
  • Zero maintenance
  • Works automatically
  • Can be purchased as a standalone product or custom built into a dual cartridge seal
  • Low cost, long term savings


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