High Temperature

High temperature applications have significant impact on a plant’s sealing needs. Thermal degradation causes carbon solids (coke) to form on metal surfaces. Other solids such as rust, dirt, and scale can infiltrate the system, fouling product. Process contamination may result in product decomposition or solid/sludge formation. Oxidation can also create a high solid content as well as change the viscosity of the fluid.

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Single High Temperature Stationary Welded Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal (API 682 Type C Arrangement 1 available)

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Single High Temperature Rotating Welded Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal (API 682 Type C Arrangement 1 available)

High Temperature

Flexaseal Recommends

  • Hydraulically balanced designs meet high temperature/high pressure sealing demands.
  • Cartridge glands are designed with circulation, vent, and drain connections to keep fluid circulation around the faces. Utilizing a steam quench also creates optimal operating conditions by cooling the faces and preventing coking on the atmospheric side of the seal.
  • Our bellows designs have no dynamic elastomer to hang up in product. Our rotating bellows spin clogging solids away from the seal, reducing buildup and coking. Heat treated bellows cores handle higher temperature and pressure sealing needs. Our hydraulically balanced bellows also provide higher pressure capabilities; the bellow’s flexibility ‘gives’ with individual pump tolerances.


  • Grafoil packing withstands temperatures well above most O-ring materials and complies with API Standard 682. Providing a static packing in the bellows eliminates hang up concerns due to an elastomer’s chemical or temperature limitations.
  • We provide several face combinations to successfully seal the most demanding chemical applications. Antimony impregnated (AI) carbon has thermal conductivity almost double that of standard carbon grades: antimony replaces the standard carbon resins and won’t ‘bake out’ in higher temperatures. AI carbon experiences less face distortion at higher pressures due to its higher compression strength. In addition, Flexaseal offers premium silicon carbide versus nickel bound tungsten carbide sealing options to effectively seal abrasive, gritty applications.
  • Auxiliary sealing accessories
  • Dual high temperature welded metal bellows cartridge seal designs are also available in a variety of metallurgy, face, and elastomer combinations.