Product contamination is one of the leading causes of system failures. External particulates can enter the system and abrade critical equipment components, resulting in unexpected maintenance costs and downtime. A filtration system can lower these unplanned maintenance costs and ensure optimal system performance.

MP12 Series for API 682 Plan 12

The duplex filter design used in this Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC unit allows for continuous flow during transfer to the new filter. Our filter bodies are designed per ASME section VIII, Division 1. The inlet and outlet connections terminate at a manifold for a clean installation.

API Plan 12 Seal Filtration System

Cyclone Separators for API 682 Plan 31

Flexaseal Cyclone Separators efficiently remove abrasive media from a pump’s discharge, circulating the resulting clean fluid back into the seal chamber to cool the seal faces.

API Plan 31 Seal Filtration System