Increase your MTBF with our stationary edge welded metal bellows seals designed specifically for demanding cryogenic services.

Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC, located in the United States, manufactures a line of stationary edge welded metal bellows component seals for cryogenic pumps such as Cryostar, ACD™, Grofe®, JC Carter™, Airco Paul, and Cosmodyne™ just to name a few.

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The Flexaseal Advantage

  • The Flexaseal design has proven itself in transport/transfer pumps outlasting the competitors welded and formed bellows seal by an average of twice the service life or more. There is no modification required to fit our designs in the pumps. No expensive gas panels or barrier/buffer fluid systems needed. The Flexaseal design is a fraction of the cost of other manufacturers contacting and non-contacting gas seals.
  • Welded metal bellows technology and production – Flexaseal has earned an exemplary reputation as a leader in welded metal bellows technology. We have successfully applied these same engineering capabilities to the rigorous demands of very low temperature cryogenic applications. All manufacturing processes are done in house with tightly controlled tolerances on all seal components, resulting in proven successful seal life.


  • Cryogenic face solutions – Optimum face materials and design maintain the critical film of lubricant between the seal faces which is crucial for successful operation at temperatures approaching -328° F (-200° C) [-425° F (-254° C) for Hydrogen Service].
  • Compatibility – Our cryogenic designs are engineered to fit virtually all standard centrifugal cryogenic pumps used primarily to transfer liquid nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and argon. These pumps can be found in industrial areas such as process systems, air separation, storage tanks, trucks and transfer stations.
  • Common pumps – We have seals to fit the most common pumps on the market including ACD™, Cosmodyne™, Airco Paul, Cryostar, Grofe® and JC Carter™.
  • Cleaning – We offer full service manufacturing including oxygen cleaning according to industry standards and certification.