Mechanical Seals for Mixers, Agitators and Centrifuges

There is no one universal seal for all mixer applications. Every mixer, agitator, and reactor model is distinctive and engineered for a specific application. Successful sealing is established by clearly defining the type of equipment, the product, and the sealing conditions. We offer innovative solutions for your toughest challenges.

Sealing Challenges

  • Space Limitations
  • Expensive Batch Products
  • Zero Emissions Restrictions
  • Equipment with High Run Out
  • System Shocks
  • Unique Barrier Fluid Requirements
  • Vacuum Services
  • Abrasives
  • Dry media
  • High Temperatures
  • High Pressures
  • Pressure Reversals

Flex-A-Seal Recommends

  • Two-piece split cartridge mechanical seal (Style 85)
  • Welded Bellows or Multi-spring designs
  • Single or Dual cartridges for easy installation
  • High run out capabilities
  • Zero emissions designs
  • Virtually any metallurgy, elastomer, and face combination for any application
  • Dry running or pressurized / non-pressurized alternatives
  • Barrier fluid options


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