Sullair PC 40L

Sealing Accessories



FLEX-A-PAK is easily installed injectable packing for pumps and valves. It incorporates the latest chemical and fiber technology to effectively seal processes where a mechanical seal cannot be installed.

FLEX-A-PAK is self-lubricating, lowering the coefficient of friction and drag on worn shafts. This minimizes heat generation which in turn renders flush or cooling water unnecessary thereby reducing water usage. In addition, FLEX-A-PAK’s state of the art composition will not dry out or harden during use.

Easy flow fittings, injection guns, and quick maintenance re-packs are available for convenient, cost effective installation or you can choose to manually pack FLEX-A-PAK.

FLEX-A-PAK eliminates leakage, reduces shaft and sleeve wear, and lowers operating costs by reducing maintenance time and saving energy. Contact us today to see which FLEX-A-PAK style meets your industrial needs.


Depending on your specific needs and application, Flex-A-Seal can help you identify the ideal products. Contact us to tell us about your needs and request a quote.