Pulp & Paper

The challenges facing the Pulp and Paper industry include reducing water consumption/usage as well as minimizing environmental impact in a cost-effective manner. Flexaseal offers engineered solutions for all stages of pulp and paper processing including pulping, stock preparation, recovery systems, and wastewater treatment.

Pulp & Paper

Industry Challenges

Minimizing water consumption/usage while effectively sealing in the following applications:

  • Pulping
    Digesters, Washers, Pulpers
  • Stock Preparation
    Bleaching, Coatings, Screening
  • Recovery
    Evaporation Boilers, Causticizers
  • Wastewater Treatment
    Sludge, Treated Wastewater

Flexaseal Recommends

  • Non-clogging, rugged single spring cartridges
  • Dual seals for plant safety and product integrity
  • Slurry seals for tough abrasive applications


  • Titanium construction for Chlorine Dioxide applications
  • Seals for Screens, Agitators, Refiners, Gyroclean Mixers, and Pulpers