Flexaseal Supplies 40 GPM Automated Plan 12 to Major Pipeline Operator

Flexaseal Supplies 40 GPM Automated Plan 12 to Major Pipeline Operator

A major US pipeline operator selected Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC to produce an automated version of MES’ Plan 12 Flush Filtration System. API piping plan 12 is used to supply filtered flush fluid, sourced from a tap on the pump, to each mechanical seal. The flush is filtered through a proprietary 10 micron glass-borosilicate filter that limits mechanical seal contamination, extending seal life.

Flexaseal has supplied over 50 systems to date with more in production. The automated piping plan 12 features an Explosion proof junction box and motor-operated-valves to allow the user to switch between filter banks remotely. This limits operator time at the pumping station when a filter needs servicing.

Each system supports two pipeline pump seals and can be installed on new or existing pump stations. Flexaseal’s innovative customer connection panel and knock-off cap filter housing design allow for intuitive connections and quick filter replacements. The systems also feature a magnetic pre-filter that dramatically extends filter life by removing magnetic “pipeline rouge” before the flush is filtered to 10 microns for seal support. Flow is monitored and controlled via automated flow control valves, guided by flow transmitters, located on the downstream legs of the seal supply lines, producing variable flow conditions as pump RPM fluctuates.

This two-stage filtration technology was developed by Flexaseal specifically to address an industry challenge associated with very high filter change rates, especially after a pipeline is “pigged” and pumps are brought back into service.

The mechanical seal support system was 100% designed and manufactured at Flexaseal’s new headquarters in Houston, Texas with each vessel being ASME U-Stamped. Flexaseal maintains both ASME U and National Board registrations to ensure the highest possible quality and safety standards for all pressure containing vessels.