Flexaseal’s Reliability Solutions – Ensuring Peak Plant Performance for Mechanical Seals and Rotating Equipment throughout Your Plant.

Flexaseal's Reliability Solutions


Reliability: At the Heart of Industrial Excellence

Flexaseal’s Reliability Solutions represent a critical partnership in ensuring the smooth operation and reliability of your plant equipment, focusing on mechanical seals and other capital rotating equipment. With a chief goal of enhancing Mean Time Between Repairs (MTBR), our program isn’t just about repairs; it’s a pathway to increased performance and long-term reliability improvement.

Deep-Dive Plant Surveys: The Starting Point

Our journey towards reliability begins with thorough plant surveys. We meticulously catalog the current state of your plant, your historical MTBR benchmarks, and establish a baseline for tracking assets. This initial step is vital in setting the stage for transformative improvements.

Identifying and Addressing Bad Actors

By pinpointing “bad actors,” or components prone to frequent failures, we can offer customized recommendations for improvements. Our focus is not only on resolving current issues but also on preventing future inefficiencies.

Identifying and Addressing Bad Actors

Our advanced mechanical seal repair program focuses on performance upgrades that go beyond standard maintenance. By increasing mechanical seal MTBR, we guarantee more reliable, longer-lasting operations, significantly reducing downtime and fostering continuous productivity.

System-Wide Performance Assessments

Our approach encompasses a holistic assessment of your system, uncovering opportunities for performance and reliability enhancements on pumps, mixers, reactors, and other rotating equipment. We ensure that every aspect of your operation is optimized for peak operating capability.

Advanced Predictive Services: A Proactive Approach

Integrating technologies like vibration monitoring, motion amplification analysis, and thermography, our Advanced Predictive Services provide deeper insights into your equipment’s health. This proactive maintenance approach helps in predicting issues before they arise, ensuring uninterrupted plant productivity.

Advanced Predictive Services: A Proactive Approach

FASTRAK™ Integration: Real-Time Operational Insights

With FASTRAK™, our proprietary data visualization software, we transform complex operational data into clear, actionable insights. This integration facilitates real-time asset tracking and data-driven decision-making, keeping our finger on the pulse of your plant.

FASTRAK™ Integration: Real-Time Operational Insights

Conclusion: Flexaseal’s Commitment

Every plant has its unique needs and operational pace. Flexaseal’s solutions are designed to cater to these individual requirements, ensuring that every intervention, repair, or upgrade is precisely aligned with your operational goals.

At Flexaseal, we are committed to elevating your plant’s reliability and productivity. Our Reliability Solutions are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that we keep you operating and improving, all At Your Speed™.