Designing API 692 Conforming Gas Control Panels for Dry Gas Seals on High-Energy Compressors

Designing API 692 Conforming Gas Control Panels for Dry Gas Seals on High-Energy Compressors

In the oil and gas industry, several critical components and systems ensure that multi-million dollar high-energy compressor installations operate at maximum uptime with minimal headaches and maintenance. Midstream pipeline operators often face challenges with the complex dry gas seals (DGS) and gas control and conditioning panels that keep their compressor equipment operating effectively. Flexaseal designs, customizes, and retrofits API 692 conforming gas control panels, focusing on reliability, user-friendliness, and long-lasting performance.

API 692: A Brief Overview

The API 692 Standard provides guidelines for dry gas sealing systems used in compressors commonly applied in oil and gas applications. This standard ensures that conforming sealing systems are designed, applied, tested, installed, and maintained to the highest levels of safety and reliability. Standards such as these are important in keeping the industry as safe and reliable as possible, as well as protecting the environment from uncontrolled emissions. The first edition of the standard was issued in 2018 and will continue to evolve as more field experience and empirical data on reliability are gathered to inform revisions and updates for the industry.

In the meantime, Flexaseal meets the API 692 Standard, while also going above and beyond to exceed customers’ expectations for panel performance, ease of use, and serviceability.

Flexaseal’s Approach to Gas Control Panel Design

Robustness and Reliability

Flexaseal prioritizes reliability and ease of use in the design and construction of gas control panels for the oil and gas industry, especially in midstream pipeline transport operations. Our panels use high-quality materials and American workmanship with design, welding, fitting, and testing all performed in the USA. Critical components like pressure regulators, valves, and filtration systems are sourced from reputable manufacturers to ensure consistent performance and longevity in service.

Ease of Use and Operation

Flexaseal designs our gas control panels with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. Each panel comes with detailed manuals and laser-etched Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) to provide clear guidance on operation and maintenance. The intuitive interface, with clearly labeled controls and indicators, helps operators quickly assess and control the system’s status. We also offer comprehensive training programs to ensure operators are proficient in using and maintaining the panels, and our distributed network of field professionals are always available to support end-users at their sites.

Long-Lasting Performance

Field-proven durability is a key feature in a Flexaseal API 692 conforming gas control panel design. Each panel undergoes rigorous testing, including pressure tests, to confirm no leaks and proper functionality of all mechanical and electrical components. Our thorough quality assurance process ensures that every panel meets the high-performance standards demanded in the field.


Flexaseal’s gas control panels, designed in compliance with API 692, are robust, user-friendly, and built to last. By addressing the common challenges of reliability, complexity, and maintenance, we ensure that end-users in the oil and gas industry maintain maximum effectiveness and reliability of sealing systems on their high-energy compressors.

For more information about our gas control panels and how they can benefit your operations, please visit our website or contact our team for a consultation.