ViseSeal O-Ring Vise (ORV) – A Winning Combination

Flexaseal mechanical seals with a ViseSeal O-Ring Vise (ORV), O-ring mounted bearing design.

This innovative design is a proven problem-solving solution which addresses the common problems of radial shaft movement and the need to reduce excessive water flush consumption commonly found in process plants around the world. This design requires no modification to the existing rotating equipment.

The ORV bearing system was developed to provide additional bearing support to centralize and stabilize the rotating shaft in the stuffing box/seal chamber. In addition, this system also acts as a bushing to significantly reduce the amount of water or flush media going into the sealed product. The ORV bearing system is a special compression molded proprietary blend of carbon fiber, graphite and thermoplastic material. This material has excellent strength, thermal and chemical resistant properties and is self lubricating. The ORV bearing system is a superior upgrade over a typical bushing design which traditionally wears out easily, leading to leakage and wear on sleeves or shafts.