Going Solar: Flexaseal Commits to Energy Efficient Manufacturing

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2016 will bring more than a change of date for the Flexaseal manufacturing facility in Essex Junction, Vermont. Beginning in January, our electricity will be supplied by solar energy.

The decision to move to solar power was easy for Flexaseal’s founder and president Hank Slauson.

“The move to solar power is a big step in our ongoing efforts to operate the cleanest, most energy-efficient manufacturing operation possible,” said Slauson. “I’m not sure there is another seal company in the world that can claim this.”

We are determined to maintain green manufacturing practices, which is evident in multiple areas of our facility. In addition to the standard paper, cardboard, and aluminum recycling, Flexaseal also recycles:

  • Metal chips, slugs, and bellows foil stock in all metallurgies
  • All printer and copier toners from their fleet of over 20 machines
  • Manufacturing machine coolants
  • Used carbide tooling

Beyond the manufacturing floor, Flexaseal is also working toward substantially reducing our office paper consumption. Sales reps are moving away from printed brochures and beginning to take advantage of digital formats to distribute our product line literature. We also use on-screen displays in manufacturing and inventory processes, which significantly reduces the number of printed sheets being used.

Hank Slauson sees it as Flexaseal’s responsibility to use environmentally friendly operating practices—and that includes the way the facility gets its energy.

“Along with our recycling efforts, using solar power is part of our effort to do our part to reduce adverse climate effects,” said Slauson. Flexaseal plans to continue seeking ways to green up our operations.