MES API 614 System – Need It or Not?

MES API 614 System – Need It or Not?

While browsing through the above requirements required by API 614, one must ask themselves the simple question of, “Do I need this or not”?

Through the detailed requirements listed page after page, a very complete diary of how to and what to need for my fluid providing system, the complexity and interpretation of the document itself can sometimes seem overwhelming. But in its truest form, it is only meant to provide foresight of how your system will be provided and what is to go into your system to get it to operate the way you think it should.

Although it is provided to be a customer driven requirement selection guide, suppliers such as MES, often supply you with the basic interpretation of the specification and offer you the components necessary to meet your fluid supply needs.

We review the necessary requirements and make educated offerings to allow you to review and comment on the provided system components and layout. It is then our job to react to the customers needs and wishes, with systems that are properly sized to preform to not only their requirements, but our high standards of providing quality equipment at a reasonable cost with service after the sale.

Through this process, a system with not only reliability but maintainability, can now be provided from experience, to ease the pain of figuring out what you really need. With anything of such complexity, the initial shock of sifting through multiple pages of specified wisdom known as “API”, can be overwhelming.

If you’re looking for assistance and help to guide you through requirements for protecting your mechanical seals, you now have a company willing to do that for you. We will ask you the questions that relate to your needs, offer suggestions as to how you might need to proceed and come up with a viable solution to your initial question of, “Do I need it or not?”

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