2014 EASA Convention: A Reflection

2014 EASA Convention
Photo Credit: http://www.easa.com/convention/photos/2014

I recently attended the 2014 EASA Convention & Exhibition as a product specialist for Flexaseal. One of the most effective ways for Flexaseal to improve our product line and continue to innovate the ideal sealing solutions for our customers is to attend industry-specific trade shows and events. Learning from the companies who use our products every day is what helps us provide the level of service and support we strive for.

EASA is an organization whose objective is to promote improvement of services and practices across the broad and vast electrical services industry. The group serves “all members who sell and service electrical, electronic and mechanical apparatuses by educating, informing and promoting the highest standards of performance and ethics.” Our goal at Flexaseal is to support these efforts with our products.

EASA has global audience; there are exhibitors and attendees from North, Central and South Americas, Europe and Asia. Each year, more and more companies from Latin America attend the show, and one of my favorite aspects is that I get the chance to converse with them in their first language. One gentleman I met was having his son translate, and I simply answered him in Spanish, meaning I was able to converse directly with the principal of the company. The fact that we have a team of customer service and sales representatives who speak Spanish distinguishes us in an industry that is rapidly growing in that market.

The other aspect of our business that distinguishes us in an industry like electrical services is that we have the ability to accurately spec the best products and solutions for our customers’ equipment. Our products lengthen the life of the equipment they run in, and save on water and electricity. Many of the people we met for the first time at the EASA Convention were surprised by and drawn to our split cartridge mechanical seal. I could see them counting the hours of time they could save by utilizing its two-piece cartridge design. It eliminates operator error that is common in our competitors’ designs, maximizes the efficiency of the equipment and minimizes costly downtime.

Thanks to everyone who came and spoke to us at the 2014 EASA Convention. We’re already looking forward to next year!