API 682 Plan 53B/C

The MP53 series aligns with API 682 Plans 53B and 53C by supplying a liquid barrier fluid to a dual seal assembly at a higher pressure than the seal chamber.

Our barrier seal reservoirs are built to ASME Section VIII standards and ASME U code stamps are available. All our barrier fluid systems, whether custom or standard designs are designed and built to the current API 682 requirements.

Barrier Fluid Reservoir – API 682 Plan 53



Our MP53B unit supplies an external barrier fluid pressurized by a bladder accumulator. This sends clean barrier fluid to the dual seal at a pressure greater than the seal chamber.

  • U stamp accumulator standard
  • 5-10 gallon capacity
  • Air- or water-cooled availability
  • Integral barrier fluid make-up pump


The external barrier fluid is pressurized by a piston accumulator and supplies clean barrier fluid to the dual seal at a pressure greater than the seal chamber.

  • Integral head porting eliminates pigtail design
  • U stamp coded vessel design
  • Magnetic level indication available

How it Works

How Does a Pressurized Barrier Fluid Reservoir Work?

A pressurized external barrier fluid reservoir forces the circulation of clean fluid to a pressurized dual mechanical seal, lubricating the inner and outer seal faces. The reservoir can be equipped with level, pressure, and temperature instrumentation to provide real-time process feedback on mechanical seal health.


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