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API Plan 76

Vent for non-condensing leakage with a contacting containment seal.

API Plan 76


Plan 76 seal monitoring systems divert non-condensing leakage from primary seals to a flare or vapor recovery system.

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Application Notes

  • Typically used on Arrangement 2 unpressurized dual seals, which also utilize a dry running containment seal.
  • Used if the pumped fluid does not condense at ambient temperatures.
  • Ensure condensate drain is at a low point.
  • Ensure vent line is open and orifice is present to generate back pressure.
  • May be used with a buffer gas (Plan 72) or without a buffer gas (Plan 71).
  • Lower initial/maintenance cost than dual unpressurized seals using Plan 52 by eliminating sometimes costly support systems.
  • Leakage from inner seal is contained and vented safely.


  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Safe containment and venting of inner seal leakages


  • Accumulation of liquid within the seal chamber will generate heat and damage seal system
  • Some primary seal leakage may escape into the atmosphere

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