MP76 Series for API 682 Plan 76

The MP76 is a Primary Seal Condition Monitoring Unit that aligns with API 682 Piping Plan 76. This leakage collection system is for an unpressurized dual, dry running containment seal in noncondensing applications and uses a vent connection to direct vapor leaks from the inboard seal of a dual containment seal. The MP76 series may be used with a Plan 72 buffer gas and ensures very low (or even zero) process emissions from outboard containment seals.

Primary Seal Condition Monitoring – API Plan 76 Unit


Features of the Plan 76 seal condition monitoring system include:

  • A simple vertical, self-venting design
  • Single or dual 76 system
  • Vertical stand mounting for a small footprint and little panel obstruction
  • Low vibration mounting blocks
  • Fewer pressure joints for lower emissions
  • API Plan 72/76 combination options available
  • Full API 610 and 682 compliance (latest edition)
  • Canadian CRN available
  • Panel Mounted design available


Applications include:

  • High vapor pressure products used in
  • Gas seals
  • Pipeline
  • Refining
  • Chemical processing


Primary Seal Condition Monitoring – API Plan 76 Unit


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