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API Plan 75

Leakage collection system for condensing or mixed phase leakage with a contacting containment seal.

API Plan 75


This is a collection system integrating secondary containment seals for process fluids that condense at low temperatures.

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Application Notes

  • Used with Arrangement 2 seals. May be used with a buffer gas (Plan 72) or without a buffer gas (Plan 71).
  • Ensure that the line to the vapor collection system is open and an orifice is present to generate back pressure.
  • Leakage collection system should always be mounted below pump centerline.
  • Provides an indication of seal performance based on leakage accumulation.
  • Avoids direct leakage of pumped media into the atmosphere.
  • Liquid and vapor leakage are both collected and separated.
  • Excessive leakage and increased pressure can signal an alarm.
  • Normal condensing leakage may trigger the alarm over extended periods of time; system requires scheduled draining of reservoir.


  • Integrated pressure instruments detect pressure build-up indicating seal leakage or failure


  • Requires operators to manually monitor and drain leak collectors as needed
  • Normal condensing leakage might trigger false alarms

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