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API Plan 12

Recirculation from pump discharge through a strainer and flow control orifice to the seal chamber.

API Plan 12


Similar to Plan 11 with the addition of a filtration system to clean the flush liquid.

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Application Notes

  • Fine and large solids are removed from the flush system, extending seal life.
  • The system monitors the filter’s differential pressure to alert the operator when a filter change is needed.
  • Available in single or dual filter designs, as well as 3-micron and 10-micron filtration.
  • Coalescing design available to remove water from flush stream in hydrocarbon applications.


  • Dramatic seal life enhancement with proper design and operation
  • Renewable filters to ensure continuous supply of clean flush liquids


  • Relatively complex system to install and maintain
  • High filter change rates with extremely dirty process fluids
  • Not suitable for use with fluids that might freeze or thicken within external piping

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