Dual Stationary Back-to-Back Cartridge Seals

Dual cartridge seals are the answer for applications where a second level of protection is needed. Flexaseal’s Styles 73P & 75P offer system and personnel protection and are designed to ensure compliance with stringent environmental and emissions regulations.

Mechanical Seals Styles 73P & 75P


  • The Style 73P offers the advantages of an inboard stationary metal bellows design, while the Style 75P offers the efficiency and economy of springs isolated from the product
  • Easy installation and low maintenance that can be operated in a pressurized or non-pressurized state
  • Both the 73P & 75P can fit pumps with standard and enlarged bores without modification
  • Flexaseal has replaced traditional cup point set screws with stainless steel drive lugs, resulting in a five-fold improvement in torque transmission strength. And the possibility of sleeve distortion and damage due to over-tightened set screws is eliminated
  • Both cartridge seal designs are hydraulically balanced


Operating Parameters

Max Temp: 400°F (204°C)
Max Pressure: 300 PSI (20 bar)
Max Speed: 3600 FPM (18 m/sec)

Note: Max Temperature / pressure / speed indicate operating extremes independently and do not imply the seal will function at these extremes at the same time. Contact Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC if in doubt.


Quote Request

Depending on your specific needs and application, Flexaseal can help you identify the ideal products. Contact us to tell us about your needs and request a quote.