Entrust Your Pump Repair and Maintenance to Industry Experts

From minor repairs to major rebuilds, rely on Flexaseal to extend the life of your equipment and keep it running at optimal performance with regular expert pump repair and maintenance.

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Industrial Pump Maintenance & Service

Pump Service Experts

Flexaseals’ factory trained technicians are on-call to quickly diagnose and repair a wide range of pump issues. We use the latest technology to get your equipment back up and running, and on completion we can deliver a summary report to aid your reporting, PM and trending processes.

Some pump repairs require service at our Rochester NY location. We’ll handle the project from start to finish: removal from your facility, repair at our shop, reinstallation and testing back at your facility. Every project can include a summary report documenting the required repairs and parts.

Pump Service Experts

Mechanical Seals

Improve seal life and extend reliability with Flexaseal’s seal repair service:

  • All components are cleaned, measured, inspected and pressure-tested
  • We rebuild and/or replace parts as needed and pressure test your cartridge mechanical seals
  • With our Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) software, we can log and monitor the MTBF, identifying the ‘bad actors’ to help you improve your seal life and reliability.
Mechanical Seals Before and After Repair

Pump Maintenance & Inspection

Keep your pumps running at optimal performance with our comprehensive maintenance service:

  1. We start by cataloging each pump make, model & serial number and photographing the pump & motor tags. When we talk, we’ll always be on the same page.
  2. Next, we use factory-certified diagnostic tools (e.g. temperature meter, vibration pen, internal camera) to identify problems and assign a color grade on the severity of the problem. We often perform laser alignment analysis on idle pumps at the same time.
  3. As a final step, we submit a Flexaseal Project Inspection Book for your review. You are the one who decides when to do repairs and maintenance service.
Pump Maintenance & Inspection

Pump Upgrades

Flexaseal can rerate your pump to increase its performance in your system:

  • Upgrades include our optimization recommendations that increase reliability
  • We can also install pumps, gearboxes, mixers, motors and other equipment
Pump Upgrades

Equipment Parts

Flexaseal maintains a large inventory of parts at its Rochester NY location, from pump and motor parts to gearboxes, mixers and lubrication equipment.

Equipment Parts

Talk with a Pump Specialist about corrective and routine pump maintenance

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