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API Plan 41

Recirculation from pump discharge through a cyclone separator delivering clean fluid to a cooler and then to the seal chamber. Solids are delivered to pump suction.

API Plan 41


This is a combination of Plan 21 (cooler only) and Plan 31.

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Application Notes

  • Combination of Plan 21 (cooler only) and Plan 31 (cyclone separator only).
  • Same application notes as Plan 21 and Plan 31.


  • Easy elimination of solid particles
  • Cyclone separator facilitates clean flush
  • Cool flush improves seal lubricity and reduces coking


  • Constant maintenance checks for cyclone separators required
  • Non-self-venting
  • Clogging risk with elevated temperatures
  • Higher energy usage
  • Maintenance of the Seal Cooler

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