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API Plan 32

Clean fluid is injected into the seal chamber from an external source.

API Plan 32


Satisfactory plan for use in achieving a clean and cool environment. Requires the injection of clean fluid from an external source.

Application Notes

  • For use in services containing solids or contaminants, in which a cleaner and cooler external flush will improve the seal environment.
  • External flush source must be continuous and reliable.
  • Pressure of the external flush should always be at least 25 psi [1.7 bar] above the seal chamber pressure.
  • Throat bushing is required to maintain an elevated pressure in the seal chamber, isolate it from the pumped media, and reduce flush fluid consumption.
  • Provides the seal with a cool, clean lubricating fluid when the product cannot be conditioned into a quality seal flush through the use of other piping plans.
  • Flush fluid must be compatible with the product because product dilution will occur.


  • Improved cooling, lubricity and cleanliness of process fluids


  • Higher energy requirements

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