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API Plan 02

Dead-ended seal chamber with no recirculation of fluid and optional cooling/heating jacket.

API Plan 02


Plan 02 is used in the chemical industry and other applications where low speeds and pressures are required.

Application Notes

  • Used in low speed applications with low seal chamber pressures where control of the seal chamber temperature is desired.
  • Common in the chemical industry.
  • Cooling or heating jacket may be used to control the seal chamber temperature. Cooling jacket is recommended for narrow seal chambers.
  • Chamber must be fully vented prior to pump startup.
  • Flush port is plugged.
  • No external hardware or piping to the seal.
  • Pump efficiency is unaffected.
  • Solids are not reintroduced to the seal area.
  • Cooling jackets are prone to fouling in high temperature applications.


  • External piping is not necessary
  • Seal plan does not alter pump efficiency
  • Solids are prevented from re-entering seal area


  • High temperatures may damage seal
  • Not compatible with vertical pumps

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