MP65 Series for API 682 Plan 65

The MP65 system is a Primary Seal Condition Monitoring Unit that aligns with API 682 Piping Plan 65. This system will detect excessive leakage from the primary seal and warn the operator and is designed to be used on process fluids that are condensing and relatively non-hazardous.

Primary Seal Condition Monitoring API Plan 65 Unit


Features of the Plan 65 seal condition monitoring system include:

  • Vessel or Box designs
  • 304SS Standard construction boxes for long field life
  • Bolted Head for easy clean out on vessel designs
  • Remote Mounted Level Gauge on vessel designs
  • Integrated Overflow System
  • Many instrumentation options based on user preference
  • Full API 610 and 682 compliance (latest edition)
  • Canadian CRN available
  • ASME U Stamp Available


Applications include:

  • Pipeline
  • Refining
  • Chemical processing


Primary Seal Condition Monitoring API Plan 65 Unit

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