The ShellCool water-cooled heat exchanger system from Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC aligns with API Flush Plans 21, 23, and 55.

Mechanical seals used with higher temperature process fluid machinery require cooling for reliable, long-term service. Cooling the buffer fluid with a mechanical seal cooling system improves the temperature margin to vapor formation.

Our thermosyphon-effect mechanical seal system can also help meet the temperature limitations for sealing elements like O-rings that are critical to the efficient operation of your pump.

ShellCool – Mechanical Seal Cooling


ShellCool Features

  • Removable Head and Bundle for easy maintenance
  • Double wrap tubing for increased cooling surface area
  • Internal Baffle for enhanced heat transfer
  • 3 Sizes available, up to 1” Coil
  • Heavy Duty Shell Design
  • ASME U Stamp Available
Delivery for the ShellCool water-cooled heat exchanger for use with API Plans 21, 23, and 55 is 2-4 weeks.

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