ANSI PLUS Plan 7352

The ANSI PLUS MP52 series aligns with ANSI Plans 7352 and 7353. The 7352 is designed to support liquid buffer fluid for a containment seal chamber that is below the seal chamber pressure. The 7353 is a pressurized system designed to isolate the seal from the process completely by providing liquid barrier fluid at a pressure higher than the seal chamber.

The ANSI PLUS 52/53 is designed to support industrial tandem / dual seal applications with medium pressures and temperatures.

Barrier Fluid Reservoir - ANSI PLUS Plan 7352


  • 3 Gallon Capacity at Normal Liquid Level
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • 8″ Body with Hemispherical Bottom / Top
  • Armored Weld Pad Level Gauge
  • 350 PSIG MAWP (-20F to 200F)
  • Liquid Filled Pressure Gauge with Block/Bleed Valve
  • Orifice Union (Plan 52)
  • Ball Valves on Vent and Drain
  • Cooling Coils, Pressure / Level Switches Optional

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