Flygt® Replacement Seals

Flexaseal furnishes solutions for Flygt® Submersible Pumps. Just a few of our Flygt® seal upgrades include –

  • Viton® elastomers standard (vs.Flygt® OEM and aftermarket seals with Buna.)
  • Hastelloy® C-276 drive and compression bands (vs. inferior grades of stainless steel found in competitor seals.)
  • Tungsten Carbide vs. Tungsten Carbide face combination upgrade on upper and lower seals when needed.
  • All faces are coated with a distinctive oil-based plastic coating for protection during shipping and installation.
  • Other seal-specific upgrades are available to address common failure points.
  • Many products are in stock and available for same-day shipping.

Recondition your Flygt® Seal

Our reconditioning process includes –

1. Initial cleaning and inspection
2. Reconditioned faces are ground and lapped to 2 light bands
3. Face flatness is verified by optical flat under monochromatic light
4. Faces are dipped into low-temp plastic and oil solution for protection until reinstallation
5. New O-rings are installed and seal assemblies are cleaned and boxed for shipment
6. Competitive exchange program is available for unrepairable seals.

Base Flygt® Seal Line

Durable design and construction upgrades for optimal seal performance. Seals are rigorously QC’d for flawless performance right out the box.

Available sizes include: 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, 80mm/75mm, 90mm
Pump models include: 2066, 2075, 2101, 2151, 2250, 3041, 3065-3068, 3085, 3200, 3201, 3300 upper and lower, 4351, 4352, GRINDEX MAXI, READY24

Flygt® HD Seals

Engineered solutions for problem applications. Material and design upgrades including Hastelloy®C-276 drive and compression bands for successful sealing in harsh operating environments.

Available sizes: 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 37mm/31mm, 45mm
Pump models: 2084, 2102, 2125, 2140, 2151.010, 2151.011, 2201, 2201.010, 2201.011, 3082, 3085, 3102, 4352

Flygt® Dual Cartridges

Built to handle the thermal stresses of modern pumps. Exceeds OEM performance in a variety of dewatering and municipal applications.

Available sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, 80mm/90mm
Pump models include: 2600 series, 3171, 3202, 4600 series mixers, 5100.2xx series, 5100.3xx series



Flygt® O-ring Kits

Designed to simplify Flygt® pump maintenance. Many of our O-ring Kits also contain Flygt® pump-specific hardware, including nylon washers, felt wipers, retaining rings, and/or springs in addition to the Buna elastomers.

Available shaft sizes include: 20mm, 25mm, 28mm, 35mm, 45mm, 60mm, 80mm
Pump models: 2066, 2075, 2125, 2140, 2151, 2201, 2250, 3068, 3085, 3102, 3126, 3127, 3140, 3152, 3153, 3171, 3201, 3300, 3301

Quote Request

Depending on your specific needs and application, Flexaseal can help you identify the ideal products. Contact us to tell us about your needs and request a quote.