Flygt Replacement Seals

Flex-A-Seal stocks the OEM design Flygt Seal Replacements for standard pumps. The Set Screw versions of these Flygt Seal Replacements are available upon request. Specials for specific applications are also available upon request. Please reference the table below for a listing of common pump models for which Flex-A-Seal stocks Flygt OEM Replacement Seals. Price and quality are guaranteed, and the seals are always in stock for fast, effective turn-arounds.

Upper: FAS FL-100
Lower: FAS FL-101

Fits Pump Models: 2101, 2066, 2075, 3080

Upper: FAS FL-107
Lower: FAS FL-108

Fits Pump Models: 3101

Upper: FAS FL-103
Lower: FAS FL-104

Fits Pump Models: 3067, 3066, 3085, 3041, 4400, 4351, 4352

Upper: FAS FL-109
Lower: FAS FL-110

Fits Pump Models: 2125-181, 2140, 2125-180

Upper: FAS FL-105
Lower: FAS FL-106

Fits Pump Models: 3102

Upper: FAS FL-111
Lower: FAS FL-112

Fits Pump Models: 2151-010, 2151-011, 2084, 3126-180, 2201-010

Upper: FAS FL-111
Lower: FAS FL-113

Fits Pump Models: 2151-010, 2151-011, 2084, 3126-180, 2151-011

Upper: FAS FL-114
Lower: FAS FL-115

Fits Pump Models: 3127, 4440, 3126-181

Upper: FAS FL-120
Lower: FAS FL-121

Fits Pump Models: 2250, 3200

Upper: FAS FL-116
Lower: FAS FL-117

Fits Pump Models: 2201-010, 2201-011, 2075, 3080

Upper: FAS FL-122
Lower: FAS FL-123

Fits Pump Models: 3201, 3170, 4410, 4430, 600

Upper: FAS FL-124

Fits Pump Models: 2400