Mechanical Seals Styles 40/42/45

Edge Welded Metal Bellows – For Low Temperatures Up to 400°F

Mechanical Seals Styles 40/42/45


  • Superior Performance – The edge welded metal bellows static shaft O-ring eliminates the traditional problems of seal hang up and shaft fretting common to pusher seal, dynamic elastomer.
  • Hydraulically balanced seal. Allows seal to handle more pressure without heat buildup.
  • Self-cleaning-centrifugal force throws solids away from seal.
  • Fits narrow cross section stuffing boxes.
  • Available in metric and DIN sizes.
  • Even face loading – bellows core flexes, allowing for full 360 degrees closing force.
  • Extensive metallurgy, insert, and elastomer selection to service every application. AM350 and Hastelloy® C276 bellows core standard, other material options available.


Operating Parameters

Max Temp: 400ºF (204ºC)
Max Pressure: 300 PSI (20 bar)
Max Speed: 4500 FPM (22 m/sec)

Note: Max Temperature / pressure / speed indicate operating extremes independently and do not imply the seal will function at these extremes at the same time. Contact Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC if in doubt.


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