Cryogenic Seals for Low-Temperature Hydrocarbons and Liquified Atmospheric Gases

Increase your MTBF with our stationary edge welded metal bellows seals designed specifically for demanding cryogenic sealing applications.

Flexaseal manufactures a line of stationary edge welded metal bellows component seals for cryogenic pumps such as Cryostar, ACD™, Grofe®, JC Carter™, Airco Paul, and Cosmodyne™ just to name a few.

Cryogenic Bellows


Edge Welded Bellows Construction
Alloy 347 (UNS S34700) stainless steel is proven to be the most favorable bellows material for cryogenic applications. 347 SS maintains its strength and does not become brittle in extremely cold environments. In addition, tightly-toleranced spring rates lead to lighter face loads and less heat generation at the faces.

Cryogenic Faces
Extensive research has gone into designing a seal face combination to maintain a necessary lubrication film. This film is crucial for successful operation at temperatures approaching–328°F (-200°C.)

Our cryogenic designs are engineered to fit virtually all standard centrifugal cryogenic process pumps used in the transfer liquefied gases including nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, and argon as well as low-temp hydrocarbons. These pumps are found throughout the industry in processing systems, air separation, storage tanks, trucks, and transfer stations.

Common Pumps
We have seals to fit the most common pumps on the market including ACD®, Airco Paul, Cosmodyne®, Cryostar®, and JC Carter®.

O2 Cleaning
We provide full-service manufacturing including oxygen cleaning in accordance with industry standards


Operating Parameters

Temperatures: To -425°F (-253°C)
Pressures: To 200 psi (13.75 bar)

Note: Max temperature and pressures indicate operating extremes independently and do not imply the seal will function at these extremes at the same time. Contact Flexaseal Engineered Seals and Systems, LLC for more information.


Faces: Tungsten Carbide, Impregnated Carbon Graphite
Bellows: 347 SS
End Fittings: 316 SS
Anti-Spark Shield: Brass


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