ANSI Tandem Slurry Seal VTSE

ANSI Vantage Tandem Solids Excluding (VTSE) Slurry Seal

Designed For Small Bore Stuffing Boxes

The Style VTSE has been designed specifically for sealing abrasive and corrosive applications in smaller cross-section stuffing boxes such as ANSI Standard Bore and others.

Not only does the Style VTSE excel in sealing in harsh operations with high-solids slurries/pastes and aggressive chemicals, but it also does so in a way that uses very little cooling water or barrier fluid.

Vantage Tandem Solids Excluding (VTSE) Slurry Seal

ANSI Tandem Slurry Seal VTSE

Design Features & Benefits

Why the Style VTSE?

  • Simple installation with insertion of O-ring mounted inboard mating ring at the bottom of the stuffing box, followed by a fully integrated cartridge outboard assembly.
  • A shrink-fit inboard rotating face arrangement evenly distributes the torque, eliminating the need for failure prone drive pins.
  • Common misalignment issues solved with inboard primary face assembly captured in the outboard cartridge.
  • The close-clearance inboard mating ring face inhibits slurry ingress to the seal, resulting in longer life in service.
  • Limited number of components are wetted, reducing the need for specialty metallurgy.

Equipment Including

  • Goulds (or equivalent)
  • DiscFlo
  • Durco (or equivalent)

Restrict Flush Water Consumption

Optional addition of Flex-A-Flo device to Barrier Fluid Outlet port can reduce water flush rates by up to 90% on Plan 54 flushes run from pressurized plant water.


Operating Parameters

Working Pressure: 300psi (20.7 bar)
Max Temperature: 400°F (205°C)

Note: *Materials customizable to application.


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