ANSI Stationary Single-Spring Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal

The VSSS3/VBSSS3 seal style, a design option in Flexaseal’s innovative Vantage seal platform, combines reliable pusher seal technology with the robust simplicity of a single-spring. Its unique stationary design, optimized for face alignment, along with a flat drive system to enhance face stability, delivers exceptional performance in applications prone to clogging or sticking.

ANSI Stationary Single-Spring Single Cartridge Mechanical Seal


Design Features & Benefits


Product Line Features

  • Simple cartridge seal installation.
  • ⅜” NPT flush connection allows for cooling and venting of seal.
  • ¼” NPT vent and drain connections provide differential sizing to minimize the potential of improper piping.
  • Non-sparking throttle bushing is positively retained to avoid pressure blow out, minimizing leakage in the event of seal failure.
  • Vantage seal glands include flush, vent, and drain connections and a close-clearance, non-sparking throttle bushing to direct any leakage to the drain connection.
  • Flush, vent, and drain connections available to be piped at multiple locations.
  • Angled gland connections allow for easier pipe fitting.
  • Setting clips provide positive axial and radial setting of the Vantage cartridge seal to ensure proper seal installation. The Vantage setting clips are easy to access for simple removal.
  • Convertible gland design to accept over four (4) design configurations.

VSSS3/VBSSS3 Features

  • Heavy-duty drive design with stationary single-spring isolated from process media.
  • Stationary external spring significantly improves performance in applications prone to clogging or sticking.
  • Offers quench options with carbon ring throttle bush or lip seal for diverse operational needs.
  • Designed with a non-clogging single-coil spring and positive mechanical drive for reliable performance.
  • Full convolution elastomeric bellows.
  • Available in ANSI Big/Taper and Standard Bore.


Materials of Construction

Rotating Seal Face: Sintered Silicon Carbide
Stationary Seal Face: Carbon, Sintered Silicon Carbide
Springs: Hastelloy® C276
Metallurgy: 316 SS
Elastomers: Viton®, Ethylene Propylene, Aflas®, Buna, Neoprene, Perfluorelastomer
Gland Gasket: Glass-Filled Teflon™
Throttle Bushing: Glass-Filled Teflon™

Operating Parameters

Temperature: 400° F (200°C)
Pressure: 300 PSI (20 Bar)
Speed: 4500 FPM


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