Seal Support System

ANSI LITE Seal Support System

Liquid-lubricated dual mechanical seals require an external source of clean, cool lubricating fluid. The ANSI LITE barrier fluid reservoir system creates this enhanced sealing environment, enabling longer operational life for dual seals. The closed loop system allows for monitoring of the inboard seal, noting changes in the ANSI LITE barrier fluid reservoir’s levels.


Standard Options:

Plan 52 – Used with Unpressurized Barrier Fluid

  • Tank with aluminum tubular level gauge
  • ½” NPT bronze vent & drain ball valves
  • 304 stainless steel orifice union
  • 2½” dial 316 stainless steel pressure gauge (0-160 PSI)

Plan 53 – Used with Pressurized Barrier Fluid

  • Tank with aluminum tubular level gauge
  • ½” NPT bronze vent & drain ball valves
  • 2½” dial 316 stainless steel pressure gauge (0-160 PSI)

The WCS2 System (Water Conservation System)

Flex-A-Seal WCS2 Water Conservation system utilizes the pressure available from the plant water line to pressurize the barrier fluid inside the reservoir. This provides a pressurized barrier fluid that maintains a clean, cool stable fluid film across the seal faces. The check valve protects the plant water line from process contamination and also maintains the maximum pressure from the plant water line. The sight flow indicator is a visual tool to inform the operator an inboard seal leak has occurred. The WCS2 is a self-regulating system which can both refill and re-pressurize itself upon any mechanical upset.

  • Tank with aluminum tubular level gauge
  • Bronze sight flow indicator
  • Brass water supply regulator with pressure gauge (0-160 PSI)
  • Brass air vent with float and check valve
  • 3-way brass ball valve
  • Nylon hose and stainless steel fittings kit
  • Brass check valve


ANSI Lite Barrier Fluid Reservoir

Capacity: 3 gallons (11.5 liters)
Tank Material: 304 stainless steel
Max. Working Pressure: 160 PSIG at -20° to 100°F (11.3 kg/cm2 at -29° to 38°C)

Flex-A-Seal can advise or Customer can supply customized accessories to meet specific needs.

To control barrier fluid temperatures, all system options can be supplied with 316 stainless steel ½” cooling coils inside the tank



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