ANSI PLUS Seal Support System

ANSI PLUS Seal Support System

Dual mechanical seals are used when products hazardous to personnel or the environment necessitate that process leakage be significantly reduced or eliminated entirely. They may also be used when it is impossible to properly lubricate a mechanical seal with the sealed product. To operate, liquid-lubricated dual mechanical seals require an external source of clean, cool lubricating fluid. Flex-A-Seal’s ANSI PLUS seal support systems are an economical choice to address these requirements, ensure reliable operation, and long service life.

The barrier/buffer fluid can be circulated between seal and reservoir with a forced circulation device, or by relying on the thermosiphon effect. Seal leakage can be monitored with the armored weld-pad sight level gauge, indicating whether the closed-loop system is losing or gaining fluid. The reservoirs come standard with 316L stainless steel construction, vent, and drain valves. The ANSI PLUS range of reservoirs have a MAWP 350 psig at -20–200 °F and are hydrostatically tested at 525 psig for maximum system safety in a broad range of ANSI/ASME B73.1 sealing applications.


Standard Options:

  • Plan 52 or Plan 53A arrangement
  • Stainless steel orifice union on Plan 52 systems
  • Reservoirs supplied with vent and drain valves
  • Multi-port block and bleed valve for easy instrumentation maintenance
  • 4 ½” 0–300 PSI pressure gauge
  • Level switch
  • Pressure switch
  • 1/2″ cooling coils
  • Powder-coated stand

If you require an engineered seal support system or are interested in additional options to Flex-A-Seal’s ANSI PLUS seal support system, please contact our Applications Engineering team.



Capacity: 3/5 gallons (11.5/18.9 liters)
Tank Material: 316L stainless steel
Max. Working Pressure: 350 PSIG at -20–200°F (24.6 kg/cm2 at -29–93 °C)

Flex-A-Seal can advise or customer can supply customized accessories to meet specific needs.

To control barrier fluid temperatures, all system options can be supplied with 316 stainless steel ½” cooling coils inside the tank.



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