Save resources with the FAS Single (ESF) and Dual Flow (EDF) flowmeters, the ideal partners for applications requiring controlled and uninterrupted seal water flow for cooling and lubrication. The Flex-A-Seal ESF and EDF models are compatible with all seal styles.


  • Modular construction and various options make these flowmeters flexible and versatile. The flowmeters come with a clear, detachable metering scale, polysulphone (PSU) metering tubes with a built in tube cleaner for clog resistance, and a built-in pressurizing valve.
  • Both the ESF and EDF models are designed “alarm ready” for warning systems.
  • While both models employ a built-in tube cleaner (polysulphone tube), the flow control valve is clog resistant, ensuring worry free operation.
  • Installation is made easy with the three connector options and the universal mounting bracket.
  • Access to the flowmeter fittings is also easy, as all connectors are positioned in a straight line.
  • Both models offer reliable operation with solid construction using excellent corrosion and heat resistant materials.
  • Options include borosilicate glass tubes, EPDM elastomers, an inductive adjustable alarm, a pressure gauge, a floor mounting stand, hose barb connectors, and 3/8″ compression fittings

When you use Flex-A-Seal ESF and EDF flowmeters, you are saving water – the most precious resource we have on Earth.


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