Mechanical Seal Style RBX-AQ

Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal for Aquarium Industry

Corrosion Resistant Welded Metal Bellows Cartridge Seal For Marine Applications

Our latest development is a corrosion-resistant single welded metal bellows cartridge seal for the marine industry. This seal was designed specifically to fit Fybroc® pumps most commonly found in aquariums and zoos worldwide, without modification.

Our balanced welded metal bellows design offers superior performance due to the use of static O-rings, eliminating the traditional problems of seal hang-up and shaft fretting commonly seen in pusher seals with dynamic elastomers.

Our unique integrated split collar ring under the cup point set screws protects the shaft sleeve from damage, reducing the need to buy expensive OEM replacement parts.

Mechanical Seal Style RBX-AQ


  • Large gland connections for cooling
  • Hydraulically balanced seal faces
  • Simple, rugged cartridge seal design
  • Patented (Patent Number US 7,979,986) Plunger-Lock drive is located out of the product and sealed in a clean environment


  • Hastelloy® C276 rotating welded metal bellows are designed to self-clean during operation
  • Only two static O-rings – no shaft fretting & no hang up
  • Split-collar design – protects shaft sleeve from set screws
  • O-rings located away from seal faces
  • Corrosion-resistant metallurgy
  • Exchange Program – discounts based on competitor core exchange
  • Easy Installation – no measurements or modifications required!


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