Who is Flexaseal? Why haven’t I heard of you?

Flexaseal Inc. began in a living room in Ormond Beach, FL in 1983. Henry Slauson had a vision to supply edge-welded bellows sealing solutions via a network of U.S. Distributors. Utilizing his previous experiences with EG & G Sealol® and as General Manager of Dynaseal, he began Flexaseal with the goal of creating a business based on superior quality and communication.

The company moved to a 960 ft² facility in Vermont in 1984 and in 1986, Kim Simmons was hired as Chief Engineer. Over the next 3 decades, the company has expanded to 200+ employees between 3 locations. Flexaseal’s headquarters and main manufacturing facility remains in Vermont. Sao Paulo, Brazil is home to a complete manufacturing operation that serves Brazilian customers and industries. And our most recent addition is in Gonzales, LA: a repair and reliability service facility specifically targeting the Gulf Coast industrial corridor. All manufacturing locations include state-of-the-art bellows welding capabilities, CNC machining centers, stringent quality control standards, and extensive inventory systems. Flexaseal is 100% family-owned and our Vermont headquarters operates on 100% solar energy. Our products are made in the USA, except for items made in Brazil for their customer base. As the seal industry continues to consolidate with large corporations acquiring smaller seal companies, Flexaseal remains the leader in privately-owned seal manufacturers worldwide.

Flexaseal has a dedicated technical sales, application, and design engineering staff to focus on identifying and solving sealing issues and concerns for a large variety of industries. We offer a very diverse product line which includes ANSI and DIN mechanical cartridge seals, simple component seals, high pressure and high temperature designs, as well as seal support systems and accessories. Learn more about who we are.

How big is Flexaseal? Where are your locations and what do they do?

Flexaseal currently has

  • 118 employees in our two Vermont locations
    • Vermont is our headquarters and primary manufacturing location
    • Approximately 36,000 ft² between our two facilities
    • Planned move to consolidate our current locations into a 66,000 ft² facility during the second half of 2019
  • 55 employees in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    • Our Brazil manufacturing location opened in 1996 and focuses on seal recovery (repair), technical assistance and consulting to the Brazilian customer base.
    • Approximately 12,000 ft²
  • 7 employees in our Gonzales, Louisiana location
    • Repair and stocking facility servicing the Gulf Coast Region
    • Home to our Seal Support Systems (barrier fluid tanks and accessories)
    • Regional Reliability Engineer on-site
    • Approximately 5,000 ft²
  • 11 Technical Sales Representatives in the field
    • Diverse pump and seal experience from other manufacturers, distribution, and end user technical support
  • Distribution and representation in over 30 countries worldwide
What is Flexaseal’s biggest sector of business?

The Oil and Gas Industry continues to lead the way domestically and internationally. Flexaseal has provided extensive design and manufacturing in all petroleum sectors including upstream exploration and drilling, midstream transportation and storage, and downstream refining and processing.

Pulp and Paper, Mining, Chemical Processing, and Wastewater Management follow closely behind Oil & Gas. We continue to see increased requests from these markets, as well as cryogenics and vacuum bellows opportunities.

Does Flexaseal do pump work?

Our focus is on the design and production of sealing solutions. However, our engineering and sales teams have extensive knowledge regarding pumps and other rotating equipment. We believe successful seal life hinges on optimum equipment performance, and we can assist you in troubleshooting your current apparatus to provide the right sealing environment.

Does Flexaseal offer seal training classes?

Yes we do! Seal schools are one of our most popular offerings. We offer small, personalized seminars or larger classes for entire departments. All our seal schools are interactive, with hands-on demos and lively question-answer periods. Training is provided by our Engineering staff and knowledgeable Technical Sales representatives. Seal schools can be conducted at any of our locations, on-site at your facility, or as a GoToWebinar.

Do Flexaseal engineers do on-site support and other types of field work?

Yes! Our engineers have assisted with installations all over the world and have done on-site troubleshooting for a variety of customers. Whether installing the largest, fully-split cartridge mechanical seal in Nevada or site visits to refineries both domestic and international, the Flexaseal engineering team actively responds to customer requests for on-site, in-person consultation and support.

Why are you working at Flexaseal?

One of the comments we hear repeatedly from our employees is “Flexaseal is our family.” Over 20% of our VT employees have been with Flexaseal 20 years or more, and another 30% span 5-19 years of employment. Flexaseal’s commitment to the core values of Integrity, Respect, Performance, and Innovation & Improvement is reflected in our long-term employee productivity and satisfaction.

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