Split Cartridge Mechanical Seal Range Continues to Grow

split cartridge mechanical seal

In the past 18 months, Flex-A-Seal has added a few new sizes to our repertoire of split cartridge mechanical seals.

The new 1.000” seal is the new smallest size split seal we have built. Sometimes the smaller sizes are the hardest to engineer because all the critical dimensions and tolerances get even tighter as the size decreases.

On the other end of the spectrum, we recently built a 7.000” split seal with a solid adapter plate and split collar/sleeve extension for a 600HP vertical turbine at a large municipal water intake well in Florida. We designed and built this custom engineered mechanical seal in under 3-1/2 weeks. It is that type of efficient service combined with the strength of our unique design that distinguishes us from our competitors.

Lastly, just this month, we designed and built the 4.500” version of our Split Cartridge Seal to fit an Allis Chalmers PWO-4 pump, one of the market’s most well-recognized brands.

The parallel growth of our most famous product, the Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal, has been a major factor driving our dynamic progress as a company. As the manufacturer of the U.S. Patented (no. 5662340), “World’s Only 2-piece, Fully Split Cartridge Seal”, we offer a distinct advantage that remains unparalleled by our competition. Once people discover our Split Cartridge design they often want to try it in every application. The array of size options now spans from 1.000” – 9.000”, including many metric sizes up to 220mm. Surely more additions and innovations to our Split Cartridge product line are coming in the very near future.

Learn more about our patented split cartridge seal here.