Single Heavy Duty Stationary Multi Spring Cartridge Seal

Single Heavy Duty Stationary Multi Spring Cartridge Mechanical Seal for Slurry Applications

The FHDS series is a heavy duty stationary multi-spring single cartridge seal design for industry’s most challenging slurry applications. Flexaseal’s unique design allows for increased seal reliability, flushless operation if required, lower operating costs, and an economical two piece construction when exotic metallurgies are required.

Heavy Duty Slurry Seal


  1. Simple rugged heavy duty cartridge seal design which can be mounted on either the dry or wet end of pump
    • Easy to assemble
    • Impeller adjustment can be made without removing the seal
  2. Flushless operation
    • Faces are located in open area for optimum heat dissipation
  3. Hydraulically balanced seal faces
    • Lowers face heat generation over a wider range of pressures
  4. Stationary design
    • Insures better face tracking and alignment
    • Springs do not have to flex with every revolution
  5. Dynamic O-ring has a larger cross section to slide smoothly on the clean stationary seal ring
    • Eliminates shaft or sleeve fretting
  6. Patented (Patent Number US 7,979,986) Plunger Lock drive is located out of the product and sealed in a clean environment
    • Eliminates sleeve deformation due to set screws
    • The unique spring loaded mechanism keeps the lug trapped in position and will not back out due to vibration or pressure changes
    • Sleeve is non-wetted and located outside of product, allowing for a more economical 316 stainless steel material to be used
  7. Heavy duty metal shrouded faces are protected from abrasives
    • Uniform 360° transfer of torque to the rotating face, reducing the probability of seal face damage due to high torque conditions during start up
    • Metal shrouding is critical feature when using brittle face materials like Silicon Carbide
    • The strong, uniform face designs have no inherent high stress points such as drive notches or holes for pin drive systems
  8. Heavy duty construction
    • Large open radial clearances to prevent clogging
  9. Heavy duty multi-springs located outside of the product with Spring Protection Sleeve
    • Effective means of preventing the slurry from clogging the springs and causing the seal to hang up
  10. Gland construction
    • Economical two-piece design utilizes more abrasive and corrosive resistant materials on the wetted side of the pump only
    • 316 stainless steel, one piece option is also available
    • Glands can be supplied with the following
      1. Plain (no connections)
      2. Flush (or clean out) connection
      3. Quench connections with glass-filled PTFE bushing
      4. Quench connections with lip seal
  11. Hardened steel or corrosion resistant set screw sleeve locking mechanism
    • If the shaft is hardened, a collet clamping option is available

Typical Applications:

  • Copper Mining
  • Nickel Mining
  • Phosphate Mining
  • Coal Mining
  • Aluminum Bauxite
  • Tar Sands
  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD)

Typical Pump Manufacturers:

  • Weir Mineral Group Warman®
  • ITT Goulds®
  • KSB GIW®
  • Metso™
  • Flowserve Worthington®


As determined by customer-specified product and operating criteria


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