A Winning Combination

Flex-A-Seal mechanical seals with a PackRyt® ORM (O-ring mount design) bearing system.

This patented design is a proven problem-solving solution which addresses the common problems of radial shaft movement and the need to reduce excessive water flush consumption commonly found in process plants around the world. This design requires no modification to the existing rotating equipment.

The ORM bearing system was developed to provide additional bearing support to centralize and stabilize the rotating shaft in the stuffing box/seal chamber. In addition, this system also acts as a bushing to significantly reduce the amount of water or flush media going into the sealed product. The ORM bearing system is a special compression molded proprietary blend of carbon fiber, graphite and thermoplastic material. This material has excellent strength, thermal and chemical resistant properties and is self lubricating. The ORM bearing system is a superior upgrade over a typical bushing design which traditionally wears out easily, leading to leakage and wear on sleeves or shafts.


Common rotating equipment which has excessive radial shaft movement includes:

Centrifugal pumps:

In a perfect world, these pumps would operate exactly as designed and run at their Best Efficiency Point (BEP). But in actual conditions, a pump may run at the extreme left or right of the BEP of its performance curve. When this happens the shaft will suffer a deflection load between the equipment bearings and impeller. In the area surrounding the mechanical seal, this will cause vibration and radial shaft movement which can mis-align the rotating and stationary components of the  seal. This leads to fatigue of the mechanical seal components, leakage and ultimate failure of the mechanical seal.

Vertical pumps:

Long slender shafts with little support.

Horizontal split case pumps:

Due to the long over hang between bearings the shaft can sag, particularly in the older pump designs which relied on the packing rings to provide shaft support. This becomes a problem when the pump has been converted to a mechanical seal.

Agitators and mixers:

With long overhung shaft designs top, side and bottom entry.


Flex-A-Seal Advantages:

  • Stabilizing the shaft will increase the MTBF of the rotating equipment by increasing the life of the mechanical seal and bearing.
  • Significantly reduces the volume of water or flushing media into the process. Very important for process plants looking to conserve water consumption.
  • Eliminates the need for a flowmeter which can clog over a period of time, then choking off the flush which will cause the mechanical seal to fail prematurely.
  • Improves the sealing environment for longer mechanical seal life. The tighter bearing clearance between the ORM system and the shaft allows the velocity of the water or flushing media to keep abrasives and solids from entering the stuffing box.
  • Easy Installation; simply slide the ORM bearing system down the stuffing box until it contacts the throat of the box. The O-ring on the outside diameter of the ORM system will seal the stuffing box bore.
  • Available in solid or split arrangements: the split arrangement is ideal when used with the Style 85 fully split cartridge mechanical seal. This eliminates the time needed to disassemble the equipment.
  • The self lubricating properties of the ORM material will not wear the stainless steel shaft or sleeve. This eliminates the need and cost to harden them.


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