Repair Department Is Growing

Repaired Mechanical Seals require a quick turn around and accurate engineering. With the current economic situation, the ability to have Mechanical Seals repaired quickly while maintaining a high level of quality is increasingly important and saves money.

Flex-A-Seal Inc. is happy to announce the addition of Mike Pinckney as our Repair Department Manager. Mike is responsible for ensuring you get an accurate quotation quickly, a professional seal observation and a complete Mechanical Seal failure analysis when required. Most importantly a repaired Mechanical Seal delivered on time at an economical price.

Our Repair business is growing rapidly and Mike is responsible for making this dynamic portion of Flex-A-Seal’s business meet all of our clients Mechanical Seal repair needs.

Remember that Flex-A-Seal’s strength is not only in repairing our Mechanical Seals but also in repairing of our competitors designs and/or replacing these seals with duplicates or an upgraded Flex-A-Seal design. Mike is focused on how best to get your equipment functioning to its maximum capability, we provide you with a better return on your Mechanical Seal investment.

Please feel free to contact Mike at (802) 857-4532 or