Record Seal Installation

Flex-A-Seal’s Patented Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal 9” I.D. was recently installed at a large power plant in the Southeastern United States. The entire mechanical seal installation, including split adapter plate and bushing, was completed in 21 MINUTES and subsequently performed perfectly. Because the Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal is fully assembled and pressure tested at Flex-A-Seal, sealing integrity is insured completely before being sent to the field, ensuring each installation the highest success rate.

“We have saved hundreds of man hours using Flex-A-Seal’s patented Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal over the years. Installing a mechanical seal of this size in under 21 minutes is unheard of in our industry. The split seal actually performs better than the traditional seals we have purchased from other manufacturers in the past.”

Don H. – Plant Manager, Southeast, U.S.A.