Sales Worldwide

International Headquarters
Flex-A-Seal, Inc. USA
One Jackson Street
Essex Junction, VT 05453
Tel: 802-878-8307
Toll Free (USA only): 800-426-3594
Fax: 802-878-2479 for inquiries, quotes requests and purchase orders

Anthony Esposito, Component Seal Specialist:

Rodney Strong, Business Development/Sales:

Mariana Effron, Customer Service Group Leader:

U.S.A. Outside Sales

Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin
Paul Furr:
Tel: (724) 980-7217

Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma
Eric Green:
Tel: (713) 899-8727

Alabama, Arkansas, Western Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee,
Western South Carolina, Jamaica

Roger Sorel:
Tel: (404) 433-3404

Florida, Eastern Georgia, Eastern South Carolina, Northern Carolina,
Louisiana, Virginia, Canada

Sam Conant:
Tel: (802) 373-0777

Sales Brazil

Flex-A-Seal do Brazil Ltda
Rua Javaes 441/443
Bom Retiro, Sao Paulo
Brazil CEP 01130-010
Tel: 55-11-3736-7373
Fax: 55-11-3736-7371 for Sales for Engineering


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